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If you are a writer and you've ever thought about having an event, but have no idea where to begin, this may be the group for you.

Author Linda Rigsbee has already scheduled some events, but writers are welcome to make suggestions or schedule a group in their area. Join the Facebook Writer Group and ask questions or announce your event.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF PROACTIVE WRITER's GROUP TO PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS!

I AM forming an independent writer's club for the greater metropolitan Memphis area to include writers in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The name of the club will is "Writer's Block." The purpose is to provide an outlet for authors to promote and sell their literature. The authors will pay a fee for a vendor space, and the monthly 'Writer's Block" will be free and open to the public in literary festival | pop-up shop style! This will be a great opportunity for authors who are self-published and looking for a means of promoting themselves and their product. It is also an awesome opportunity for meet-and-greets with your audience and prospective audiences and book releases without all the hassle. Each author can even provide refreshments and giveaways if they choose to do so. We are starting monthly, but if it really jumps off, it will be done on a more regular basis. The 'Writer's Block," keep your name out there. I have created a Private Facebook Group for any authors who may be interested in the concept. Please inbox me on Facebook ( so that I can add you to the group if you are interested. If they are not Facebook users, email me at LET'S GET IT! YVONNE JAMES