Writers who don't want to wait for something to happen.
ProActive Writer's Group is a focal point:
Do you ever feel like you are merely one more writer asking for recognition? 
Independent authors often have no one to represent them. They are bobbing around in a sea of other writers. While publishers certainly help, sometimes the most reliable assistance that writers can get is from fellow writers. 
A Writer's Group can provide:

Group Author Signing Events:
Signing with other writers isn't competition. It's an ideal way to introduce new writers. It provides not only companionship with other authors, but an opportunity to learn from them as well. 

Communication Without Meetings:
Facebook, Internet, Email...all provide instant communication now. Groups can discuss topics with each other from the comfort of their homes. The time lost in commuting and money spent in gas and renting a meeting room are avoided.

It is much easier to remember a group name than a bunch of individuals. That makes it easier to organize events. It gives the author the opportunity to present their work independently, yet enjoy the advantages that a group provides.
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