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A Memory Worth Dying For

by ProActive Writer's Group on 05/27/19

I loved the premise of this book and where the author went with it. The plot was well developed. This Christian romantic suspense novel provides plenty of action and mystery.

Marti is a spunky young woman who sometimes reacts irrationally. That’s to be expected when you’re still in love with the one who hurt you. She is a strong resourceful woman who doesn’t easily give up.

The book was a little confusing to me at first, with all the names, but each person had a place in the story. It had a good Christian moral thread in it that held everything together. Overall, it was a good read.


5* Review of "Jungle Fire," by Dana Mentink

by ProActive Writer's Group on 05/15/19

Wow! What a breathless story, cleverly crafted. Mystery, adventure, sweet romance and an inspirational message. What more could you want? From that first line, “Nina never imagined her life would end on a bus,” I was hooked. That wasn’t merely a clever hook line. From that line on, the action never stopped. Each riveting page kept my mind exploring possibilities – trying to solve the mysteries.

I loved how this writer gently wove the story around religion without preaching. The reactions of the characters were completely believable. Based on this book, I would rate this writer’s skill up there with the best I have ever read. A fantastic read that I highly recommend.

Review of "Taken In Texas"

by ProActive Writer's Group on 05/09/19

“Taken In Texas,” by Susan Sleeman is a gripping story with a professional delivery. I was pulled into the story from the first page. A clean read in every way. I wasn’t ready for it to end. Not at all.

Kendall could get into more trouble than her partner could keep up with – and it was all believable. Realistic and relatable characters kept me rooting for Kendall and Cord. Romance, suspense and mystery make this a can’t-put-down read that I recommend.

Hallowed Ground, by Darrel Sparkman

by ProActive Writer's Group on 03/21/19

The chapters in this book are like a sack of Lays potato chips; you can’t read just one. This book had me hooked from the first chapter and it wouldn’t let me go. I had so much to do and I kept promising myself that I could read as soon as I finished my work. Then I’d binge read.

Sparkman has a way with words that makes me stop and savor a phrase, but can’t wait to find out what happens next. His scenes are so visual that I feel like I am there. I love the humor he infuses with his characters. Sometimes I burst out laughing at an exchange and share with my husband (who doesn’t enjoy reading.) He smiles at the joy I’m getting out of it, though.

The ending of this book was a surprise for me – not bad, just unexpected. I definitely recommend the western, “Hallowed Ground,” by Darrel Sparkman.

Linda L. Rigsbee

Review of "The Littlest Cowboy" by Juliette Douglas

by ProActive Writer's Group on 03/18/19

This novella about a dying boy is a touching tale. Artie and his mother demonstrate that it is more important how we live than how long we live. Their struggle for the simplest things in life affects everyone around them.

The author’s love of the west brings this story alive. A quick and emotional read that I recommend.


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