ProActive Writer's Group was founded by Linda Rigsbee years ago when she was working full time. Back then most people didn't have email or internet. Attendance at meetings was inconsistent at best. The group has been reconstructed with electronic communication. There are no meetings to attend, but there are events that benefit readers and writers alike.

Group Author Signing Events:
Having new writers sign alongside established writer's isn't competition. It's an opportunity to learn as well as an ideal way to introduce new talent to readers. And don't forget that all writers are also readers.

Reading Events:
It has been said that a person who doesn't like books simply hasn't found the right book. For the person who doesn't read well, reading can be a chore. Reading events introduce them to interesting books. Simply hearing someone read can inspire non-readers to pick up a book. 

Providing Variety:
Writing can vary in lengths from flash fiction to novels. Some people are drawn to fiction, while others enjoy non-fiction. From pros to poetry, a variety of genres attracts more readers. Group events with multiple authors and genres provides that opportunity.
 ProActive Writer's Group
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Mission statement:
The purpose of ProActive Writer’s Group is to provide a positive experience that promotes books and writers by introducing them to readers. 

Uniting Readers and Writers